Being a nutritionist (and personal trainer) people always expect that you are in incredible shape and the healthiest person they know. But the truth is we are human just like everyone else! We like to indulge once and a while and our workout routine can fall off track when life gets busy.

So when May finally came around I decided it was time to get a little more serious about preparing for my wedding in August so that I could feel beautiful, sexy and confident on my big day.

In my practice I have had brides come to me 2 weeks before their wedding looking for a quick crash diet to loose those last 5 or 10 pounds. Trust me this is NOT the best way to do it and that weight will likely come right back after your wedding. Plus who needs that extra pressure and stress leading up to it?! So if you are like me and have a wedding in the summer start making small healthier choices now and allow your body to naturally loose that unwanted bulge.

Here are my top 4 tips to get started:

  1. Hydrate:

    Did you know that those hunger pains could actually be a sign of dehydration? Next time you are feeling hungry (especially late at night) grab a big glass of water and see if it subsides before going for that chocolate or bag of chips. In addition to this water helps the body flush out unwanted toxins and waste, which is another huge part of weight loss!

    Tip: So what if you find water completely boring to drink? Grab a big jug, fill it with fresh filtered water and add some summer fun to it! I love adding cucumber, mint, raspberries, lemon or lime. Leave this on your desk as a reminder to drink throughout the day.

  2. Say Goodbye to Sugar:

    I can’t say this enough… sugar is the #1 thing making the world fat and likely the hidden culprit to why you can’t loose weight. Now I’m not talking about the obvious things like candy bars, ice cream, donuts and cookies. I’m talking about the sugar that is in almost ALL processed or packaged foods. Take some time in the grocery store to really read the ingredients because sugar is in EVERYTHING. There are over 56 names for sugar! It is in your soups, pasta sauce, salad dressing, gluten free products and healthy baked goods. Don’t be fooled by splashy marketing and labeling.

    Tip: Stick to the outside isles of the grocery store and food that requires NO ingredient labels as much as possible. That’s right stick to whole real foods and you will start to see amazing results! However… I am not a total monster and realize that some times you just got to have something tasty to satisfy that sweet tooth. I fully support this as depriving our bodies of things we love will lead to binge eating after your wedding. But try using natural sweeteners like dates, honey or lower glycemic sugars like coconut sugar if needed. You can also make some amazing raw chocolate with maple syrup (preferably organic and Grade B for higher minerals). Here is a link to our amazing chocolate pudding recipe and a vegan strawberry cheesecake smoothie recipe to try!

  3. Get that Lymphatic System Pumping:

    The Lymphatic system is responsible for eliminating toxins, waste and other unwanted material from the body. If this system is not working properly these toxins will start to build up and contribute to stubborn weight gain! In addition to this it can cause inflammation and promote free radical damage. So if you not only want to support shedding those pounds but also want to promote beautiful glowing skin for your big day don’t leave this one out!

    Tip: Here are my top recommendations to support your lymphatic system…

    Dry Brush!
    Yes pick up one of those wooden long brushes at the drug store or health food store and start using it on your skin every day. You can do this either just before your shower or in the shower. Make small circles lightly on your skin and work your way from your feet to your arms and always brushing towards your heart.

    You can also try an infrared sauna. Check out where there might be one in your city and start incorporating it in to your routine once and a while. This is the ultimate detox and lymphatic support!

    Finally move your booty (more on this below). 

  1. Get your butt moving:

    Yup you guessed it… exercise is of course a big part of any get fit and healthy plan. Now I’m not saying you have to pick up Crossfit or train for a marathon. I’m saying just start moving a little more every day. Walk an hour on your lunch break, take the stairs, try a new fitness class with your best bud, have a dance party in your living room. I don’t care what it is just shake it out and move! Find something that you truly enjoy and it will become part of your lifestyle not just a quick fix before your wedding.

    BUT remember one-thing… You can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet and that is the TRUTH.

 If you read these and thought… yah I do all of that already and that excess weight still won’t budge? Then come chat with me and we can really dive in to what is preventing you from reaching your goals for the big day. The world of colon hydrotherapy, coffee enemas, healing leaky gut, riding the body of candida and replenishing your gut flora all play a huge role.

Monica Montpellier