Our Happy Clients

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Refresh Natural Health and Colon Hydrotherapy Spa has been and continues to be a key component on my journey back to health. Sandra and Krystal are phenomenal women, passionate about helping others with genuine heart and through their extensive knowledge. The healing environment these women have created is one of professionalism, sincerity, lightness of being (cleaning out the colon and restoring gut health will do this for a person) and warm laughter. I highly recommend Refresh and all it has to offer. With respect, love and gratitude.
Christine P.
Getting regular colonics at Refresh has made such a difference in my health! I first came to see Sandra when I started dealing with candida. Over the course of a year, with regular colonics and diet changes based on Sandra’s recommendation of The Body Ecology Diet, in addition to other lifestyle changes, my candida has cleared up. Both Sandra and Krystal are caring, friendly, knowledgeable, and I completely trust them as health care practitioners!!
I was so nervous when I walked into Refresh Natural Health, but I immediately felt at ease. Right away the soothing sounds and smells made me feel like I had walked into a high class spa. This was my first colon hydrotherapy treatment so I didn’t know what to expect. Sandra walked me through every step and made me feel so comfortable. I left feeling amazing and booked another appointment to return for my second treatment. I would recommend Refresh Natural Health to anyone looking to take the next step in their health regime. The clinic/spa was so clean and welcoming and they were so friendly! What a wonderful first experience.
Jane R.
I had my colonic today with Sandra and although I had some treatments at other providers in the past – today was my best colonic ever!
Rena L.
I have never felt better after coming here!
Richard L.
Amazing fast results …… 😉
Mario S.
I love these two gals. Total Pros! Lucky to have knowledgable , confident, and passionate ladies teach you about how to be your healthiest and best!
Larissa W.
I have been going for colon hydrotherapy treatments for years. I always dreaded the experience as I found it uncomfortable and overly aggressive. That was until I discovered Refresh Natural Health! Sandra’s treatments are such a different experience than what other practitioners offer. I actually look forward to my sessions because I know they will be relaxing, gentle and done with genuine care. Not to mention how great I feel afterward! I recommend the “Ultimate Colonic,” especially if it is your first time getting a colonic treatment. Sandra uses massage and relaxation techniques to calm your nerves and stimulate your lymphatic system to ensure a pleasant and effective treatment.
Kim Thiessen
What an experience! You can’t ask for more enthusiastic, positive, and knowledgeable people… I couldn’t possibly give a higher recommendation.
Taylor Jones
I am so glad I did the 14 Day Liver Reset. It was not as hard as I thought it would be. The recipes are simple, easy and very delicious. Since completing the program I wake up early and refreshed which is something new for me. My cravings for bad sweets and carbohydrates have disappeared, no more bloating and miraculously my night sweats and hot flashes are almost gone. My cleanse is over now but I will definitely integrate these recipes in my diet. The program is well done and also very gentle. I didn’t have any big major healing crisis. I also enjoyed reading and integrating some of the bonuses that came with the program and Krystal always replied to my questions quickly. I highly recommend this program.
Nicole P.
When I first booked a colon hydrotherapy session, I was a little nervous. However, when I got to Refresh I was immediately put at ease by the friendly reception from Sandra and Krystal. Sandra is amazing, she is very knowledgeable about the colon, health and cleansing, and she practices what she preaches. Her warmth, sense of humor and interesting conversation takes your mind off of the procedure. This is a great Vancouver based, family run clinic. I would never trust my colon to anyone else. I feel colon hydrotherapy was the best decision I have made in helping me become a more healthy person. YAY Refresh!!!
Renee S.
I have had several colon hydrotherapy sessions over the past couple of years. I have a sluggish metabolism that is adversely affected by stress and medication. Having a hydrotherapy session feels like pushing a “reset” button and getting the internal muscles working again. There is also a nice feeling of cleansing and detoxing. The procedure itself is painless and not unpleasant, and Sandra is always friendly and makes me feel comfortable. She handles the equipment competently and professionally. I will be back for more!
Cathy M.