There is nothing more annoying than a bloated belly. It can be frustrating and confusing for people who eat a good diet and exercise often … but still can’t get rid of that bloat and body inflammation! It can be especially upsetting during the summer months as we reach for that 2-piece bathing suit or that sexy summer dress and wonder what the heck happened to our happy belly.

So what can we do? Luckily there are easy ways to improve your digestion and many foods that support the release of that extra inflammation. Follow the 3 tips below and enjoy the delicious low-sugar cucumber smoothie recipe at the bottom!

Here are a few simple tips to reduce bloating and bellyache:

1: Take Digestive Enzymes.

The Body Ecology Digestive Enzymes (with HCL) work wonders on the digestive system. HCL (hydrochloric acid) helps to break down food in the stomach so that it is a healthy and easy to digest chyme when passing into the small intestine. Having your food properly broken down in the stomach reduces stomach bloating and cramping after eating. Unfortunately due to irregular eating habits, illness, poor absorption, and an over-alkalizing diet we sometimes accidentally deplete our natural stomach acid production. Taking a HCL supplement with your meals helps to retrain this natural secretion of stomach acid and improve your absorption of necessary nutrients. It is also extremely beneficial to incorporate a systemic enzyme like the Bioptimizers MASSZYMES or the Body Ecology Assist SI. These systemic enzymes can be taken with or without food and help to digest inflammation, mucus and toxic matter in the intestines. Enzymes truly are the life force energy of the body. To learn more about the importance of enzymes check out this article.

2: Incorporate Fermented/Cultured Foods Into Your Diet.

Probiotics are so important for gut health! Unfortunately we are often looking to a probiotic pill or a store-bought yogurt to get these friendly bacteria. While this is better than doing nothing, it isn’t quite enough to support a healthy and sustainable amount of good bacteria. Why? Well, 98% of yogurts available for sale in stores are pasteurized during production which means that the live bacteria die off and the final product you buy isn’t truly a probiotic-rich food. Also, store bought probiotic pills are often not strong enough to make their way through the bile and digestive juices in our gut. We need to get the bacteria all the way into your large intestine which can be challenging for these little pills. So what do you do? The best option is to get real fermented foods into your diet. Our favorite options are making the Coconut Kefir Yogurt or making homemade fermented vegetables using the Body Ecology Veggie Culture Starter. Adding a 1/4 cup of these to each meal will make a big difference in how your belly feels!

3: Consider Your Diet.

What you eat makes a huge difference in how you feel. As Ann Wigmore said, “The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”

So what foods are considered poison for your digestive system? If you can avoid these 3 foods for a minimum of 2 weeks you will start to notice a HUGE difference in your body: Dairy, Sugar & Gluten. These foods are found in so many packaged food items under many different names. Read labels and be careful to avoid all forms of these 3 foods for the 2 week period.

Try this Refreshing Cucumber Smoothie to reduce inflammation and belly bloat:

The main active ingredients in this smoothie are Cucumber and Dill. Cucumber is incredible for cooling the inflammatory response in the body and also reducing weight gain caused by water retention. Dill is a powerful herb to support proper digestive function and reduce the build-up of gas after meals. It is also a powerful sleep aid! Try incorporating dill into your diet if you suffer from insomnia.

Low-Sugar Cucumber Smoothie Recipe:

  • 1 Medium Cucumber, cut into big pieces
  • 1/4 Cup Fresh Dill, lightly chopped
  • 1 Green Apple, cored & cut into big pieces
  • Juice of 1 Lemon or Lime
  • 1 – 1.5 Cups Purified Water
  • Pinch of sea salt

Blend and Enjoy!