About Refresh Natural Health

Refresh Natural Health is a Canadian business, co-founded Sandra and Krystal Vrba. After years of personal health struggle, this mother-daughter team came together to open Canada’s most well revered Colon Hydrotherapy clinic and the online supplement store available here.

At Refresh Natural Health we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality of personal health care products and supplementation. Among the products we love are Body Ecology, Gerson Therapy products, PerfectAminos, and many other supplements that we have used and loved for years. These products are often hard to find in Canada, so we make it as easy as possible for you to get these supplements at the best possible prices.

We learned about Body Ecology products and the amazing work that Donna Gates does in the summer of 2001. At the time Krystal’s health was a total mess. She was pretty much allergic to everything. A true ‘bubble girl’ of the highest regard. (We’re talking multiple autoimmune conditions, cystic acne, poor functioning digestion, absorption issues, leaky gut … the list could go on).

At the time our family had spent thousands of dollars trying to heal her body but nothing was working. Eventually the autoimmune condition, Iritis, caused her to lose the sight in her left eye. Things had really taken a turn for the worse and we were desperate for solutions.

We had heard about Body Ecology through an online health summit and we started travelling across the border into the USA to pick up our monthly supply. It was a lot of work and a lot of time to travel across the border, but we were noticing amazing results and wanted to continue. After a couple months her health had improved significantly and Sandra was also feeling better than she ever had before.

In 2012 we opened Refresh Natural Health – a wellness centre in Vancouver, BC Canada and an authorized reseller of Body Ecology products within Canada. We were so impressed the results we had that we needed to bring Body Ecology into Canada so everyone could have access to the profound healing potential of these products, and the other amazing products that we have found along our journey.

We are always in touch with leaders in health and wellness. It is our priority to be able to help people regain what should be the simple state of health and wellbeing.

In 2014 we stumbled across Just Thrive probiotics. They were doing profound studies with gut health. We were very impressed with the work this company was doing. A year later Donna Gates introduced this probiotic into her existing line. We knew this was good reason to look into this line further. We tried it and both Krystal and I were absolutely impressed. We added this into our line of products and quickly realized our clients were also finding extraordinary results. We now carry the entire line. They continue to research, study, test and educate. The Just Thrive line is small, but powerful. We see the difference not only with clients maintaining their health, but the ones that have been struggling with health issues are seeing their health regained. We are incredibly proud to be able to carry this line and offer it to our customers and clients.

Our mission is to bring the same high-quality, powerful products that helped heal our family to you so you can heal yourself and your family.

We are committed to providing the best in customer care and support and welcome you to reach out to us if you have any questions about which products may best support your health and wellness goals.

With our warmest regards,

Sandra & Krystal Vrba
Co-Founders of Refresh Natural Health

Here is a picture of my daughter and myself in Hawaii in 2013. Having a blast and feeling amazing! ?