Shedding pounds is a tough journey for many, but gaining weight faster than your friends can be daunting and frustrating. How does it feel when your peers start making jokes about your new butt size? It is not funny at all! While preventing weight gain demands willpower, dedication and perseverance, some of your lifestyle aspects can make you gain weight faster than the people you are in close contact with.

Here are seven reasons why you are gaining weight faster than your friends and how you can change the trend:

Countless Excuses

You will definitely fail in your fight against weight gain if you always have excuses not to exercise or give into your cravings for unhealthy foods hoping to start another time. Procrastination is the mother of all failures that come with any successful weight loss program. You keep on saying you will start in the next hour, day, week, month or even year, but you end up doing nothing. You can’t blame your circumstances or others for your own failures. You should take responsibility of your current weight and give no excuses when working towards your goals. Set healthy lifestyle goals, come up with weight loss plans, and execute them all.

Eating Larger Portions

Most people struggle a lot when it comes to portion size control. Instead of focusing on what you eat, how much you eat is the bothering aspect of your diet. If you like eating from restaurants (unlike your friends who prepare meals at home), you will beat them in weight gain. Restaurants are serving larger portion sizes and this makes people believe that they must clear their plates even if they are full. Check your portions in every meal and discontinue eating when you start getting satisfied. If you are eating out, let the rest of your meal be packed up as take away.

Consuming Unhealthy Foods Unawares

Do you regularly check the labels of ready-made foods and drinks you pick at the supermarket? If you have never bothered, some processed foods and drinks contain plenty of calories that cause unwanted weight gain. Whether it is your favorite snacks, including fruit yoghurts, fruit juices, trail mixes or dips, always check the label to see the amount of calories you’re putting inside your gut. Aim to have the ones with fewer calories.

Emotional Eating

Instead of eating to nourish your body, you are opting for meals that feed your emotions, like stress, sadness, anxiety, anger or frustration. Eating triggers the release of a brain chemical called serotonin, which is associated with happy feelings. You end up thinking that eating is justified because it makes you happier for a short duration. But because eating doesn’t address the initial problem, it offsets negative emotions and prompts you to eat more over time. As a result, you end up packing on more pounds than your friends. The best way to address this problem is getting to the root cause of your emotional eating behavior and avoid your unhealthy eating habits. Take full responsibility of your eating habits and avoid sugary foods that are packed with calories.

Inadequate Sleep

Irrespective of your healthy eating and exercise habits, you can still keep gaining weight faster than your friends if you don’t get adequate sleep very night. Whenever you are unable to sleep, your body produces a hormone called ghrelin, which increases your appetite. In addition, sleep deprivation stimulates production of leptin, the hormone that signals your body that you are satisfied. Ensuring that you get a restful sleep every night will help feel more energized and less irritable, meaning you will be in a better mood to go for healthy food choices instead of resorting to emotional eating or junk foods or drinks to boost your energy.

Yielding to Social Pressures

Sticking to a workout routine and a healthy diet is very crucial when you are alone, but frequents social outings can hugely contribute to faster weight gain than your peers. Your friends may put you under pressure to take a glass of wine or an extra piece of cake, alleging that it will cause no harm. If you often give in to such situations, you will be sabotaging your goal to lose and maintain a healthy weight. Limiting treats and cheat meals will help you maintain a healthy weight. Even if there are social events you can’t afford to miss, carry with you a healthy meal or ask for special consideration from the event planners.

Eating Low-Fat Diets

Some people often switch to all low-fat foods in an effort to lose weight. However, these can lead to weight gain because many food companies add other ingredients to compensate for the missing fat and enhance flavor or texture of these foodstuffs. Such ingredients include sugar, which can lead to weight gain. Always check the labels in low-fat foods and pre-packaged foods. Alternatively, switch to healthier versions of your favorite dishes.


If you are gaining weight faster than your friends, you should check whether you are making any of the above seven mistakes. Identify the areas where you are missing out and take the necessary steps to fix them. Exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet to keep shedding pounds for a healthier weight. Start it now!

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