Changing your health routine or starting a “cleanse” can always seem overwhelming and often doesn’t last longer then the 10 days you bought it for… The truth is being healthy doesn’t need to be this intimidating or hard! Small changes or steps you take every day can help create life long habits and drastically improve your overall health.

Join us starting on October 1, 2017 for our ’30 Days Of Healthy Habits’ social media challenge to showcase one thing you are doing every day to shine brighter and work towards your best self! ♥ 

Here’s How:

  1. Print or Save the calendar of events below. (Or just keep visiting this page)! The challenge starts on October 1, 2017 – so get ready with any ingredients you need for week 1! 
  2. Each week has a unique theme and a health challenge for each day. The goal is to get you comfortable making healthy choices so you have the confidence to continue them long past the 30 day challenge!
  3. Follow us on Instagram (@refreshhealth) and Facebook (@refreshnaturalhealth) as we guide you through each day’s challenge.
  4. Share your progress with our team and your friends by using the hashtag: #RefreshIn30 Who knows … you may just inspire your hubby or friend to join you! ?

What we’ll be focusing on:

Week One:
This week is completely geared towards eating REAL, whole foods. We’re challenging you to make some new recipes that are simple and delicious. Our goal is to get you comfortable and (most importantly) having fun in the kitchen again.

Week Two:
Hydration! Hydration! Hydration! Being properly hydrated has so many health benefits for our body. Follow along and learn about new ways to incorporate more water into your diet as well as foods you can eat that hydrate your body from the inside out!

Week Three:
One of the most important things about being healthy is taking time for yourself and giving yourself the love you need. This week we will focus on nurturing YOU with wonderful DYI self care treatments you can try at home. Oh and chocolate… lots of chocolate…

Week Four:
Getting outside, breathing in fresh air and getting your hands dirty is good for the soul. Let us inspire you to get out doors more this week and soak up that wonderful thing called Mother Nature.

(Keep reading below to get all the details for each day’s challenge!)

Refresh 30 Day Health Challenge


Day 1 | REAL Food Week | Sunday Theme: Be Local
Challenge: Local Food In Your Hood
We have so much abundance right around us! Often times, we don’t take note of the foods that naturally are in season. Today we challenge you to head to a Farmer’s Market or a grocery store that supports local vendors and discover something new that grows in your hood! Check us out on Instagram to see what we’re eating. ?

Day 2 | REAL Food Week | Monday Theme: SuperFood Smoothie
Challenge: Make The Avocado Magic Smoothie For Glowing Skin
Today we are making one of Krystal’s favorite smoothies! Here is the link to check out the recipe and make sure you have the right ingredients to follow along with us:

Day 3 | REAL Food Week | Tuesday Theme: Snack Attack
Challenge: Make The Chocolate Chia Pudding (YUM)
One of our go-to snacks is chia pudding. Kris Carr takes it to the next level with this 4-ingredient Chocolate Chia Pudding recipe: Get the ingredients and make it with us!

Day 4 | REAL Food Week | Wednesday Theme: Healthy Hump Day
Challenge: Make Katie’s Baked Apple Crumble
Katie really went above and beyond with this amazing recipe. Check out her blog post here with the tasty recipe for this delicious hump day treat. Be ready to share … or don’t! ?

Day 5 | REAL Food Week | Thursday Theme: Throwback Thursday
Challenge: Get Funky with Fermentation
One of the best ways to support your gut health is to add probiotic-rich fermented foods like sauerkraut into your diet! We recommend that you add anywhere from 1 tbsp – 1/4 cup of fermented foods to both your afternoon and evening meals. This will help you digest your food better, and you’re getting those good bacteria into your belly! When buying fermented foods, make sure you get them from the refrigerator section. Look for sauerkraut that says “raw, unpasteurized” on the label. No vinegar should be listed in the ingredients.

Day 6 | REAL Food Week | Friday Theme: Tea Time
Challenge: Support Your Immune System with Chaga Tea
Have you heard of Chaga Tea? It is a medicinal mushroom and one of Krystal’s favorite teas to have in the fall and winter season. Chaga Tea reduces body inflammation, kills off unwanted bacteria, and supports overall immune health. To enjoy Chaga Tea on the regular simply leave the tea in a crockpot on low. Then keep adding water for 3-5 days and enjoy the tea daily ♥

Day 7 | REAL Food Week | Saturday Theme: Liver Lovin’
Challenge: Make Krystal’s Liver Support Smoothie
Saturday is a great day to show your liver some L.O.V.E. This recipe is one of Krystal’s favorites:

WEEK TWO: Hydration

Day 8 | Hydration Week | Sunday Theme: Be Local
Challenge: Learn About & Visit a Local Stream
Do you know what streams are in your neighbourhood? It’s a good tip to know where to get fresh, clean water near you! Check it out here: Is there a steam near you? Join us on Instagram to learn more.

Day 9 | Hydration Week | Monday Theme: SuperFood Smoothie
Challenge: Make Monica’s Glowing Skin Smoothie
We all want our skin to GLOW! This smoothie is packed with antioxidants and other amazing foods to bring you that superfood glow:

Day 10 | Hydration Week | Tuesday Theme: Snack Attack
Challenge: Make a Hydration Snack Pack!
Nourishing your body with healthy snacks is very important! Often times, we wait until we are starving to eat which lowers our energy and reduces our productivity. Vegetables are extremely hydrating to the body which supports proper mental function and energy. Your challenge for today is to have a cool kid snack of chopped veggies (think cucumber, carrot, celery for hydration) and dip. Organic humus is a great dip idea!

Day 11 | Hydration Week | Wednesday Theme: Healthy Hump Day
Challenge: Pop Swap!
Are you a soda pop drinker? We all know how dangerous drinking pop is to our health. However, SO many people still drink between 3 – 8 cans of soda pop per day. Your challenge for today is to try a healthy pop alternative! As a treat, Krystal loves having soda water with a little lemon and stevia added for sweetener. Another great option is this natural Herbal Root Beer from Harmonic Arts: A lot of people also love Zevia as a healthier, sugar-free version of standard soda pops! Check them out here:

Day 12 | Hydration Week | Thursday Theme: Throwback Thursday
Challenge: Avocado Face Mask To Nourish & Plump The Skin
Centuries ago, we didn’t have all the fancy face creams we do now! So how did we hydrate our skin? One of our FAV ways is with an avocado face mask. We are all about putting food on our face … papaya, banana peels, honey, oh MY … but avocado is our top go-to when we need that lovely natural face-lift. Follow Krystal on our Instagram page and join her for this DIY home treatment.

Day 13 | Hydration Week | Friday Theme: Tea Time
Challenge: Switch out coffee for DandyBlend or Tea!
Have you heard of Dandy Blend? If not, check it out here: Dandy Blend is a herbal coffee substitute made from water extracts of grains. It is gluten-free and a great option for anyone who wants to kick a coffee habit! Remember, daily coffee drinking is quite acidic on the body (specifically the kidneys!). Give your body a break today and replace your coffee with Dandy Blend or Green Tea.

Day 14 | Hydration Week | Saturday Theme: Liver Lovin
Challenge: Love Your Liver Lemon Water
Start your morning with a glass of room-temperature water with 1 tsp of fresh lemon juice. This is a great (gentle) way to flush your digestive system and rehydrate your body after a night of sleeping/fasting. You can also try some of our fun detox waters here:

Week Three: Self Care

Day 15 | Self Care Week | Sunday Theme: Be Local
Challenge: Make Yourself a Local Bouquet
Bring a little local outdoor goodness into your home today. Visit a Farmer’s Market, a local grocery store, or go for a stroll in nature. What calls to you? What makes you smile? Perhaps a bouquet of roses … perhaps a herb plant. Whatever it is, bring it home and give it some love today.

Day 16 | Self Care Week | Monday Theme: SuperFood Smoothie
Challenge: Make Krystal’s Chocolate Mint Protein Smoothie
If you know Krystal, you know she loves chocolate. Like a LOT. And this superfood smoothie is one of her favorite ways to show her body some love. Check out the recipe and enjoy: 

Day 17 | Self Care Week | Tuesday Theme: Snack Attack
Challenge: The Famous One-Bite Brownies
When Krystal & Monica coach clients at Refresh, these are a MUST for success. Keep them in your bag, your fridge, freezer … wherever you can easily get them! At the first sign of a craving, INDULGE. They’re good for you ? Blend the walnuts first and then add all the rest of the ingredients.  You’ll need: 1.5 cups walnuts, 1/2 cup raw cacao powder, 15 medjool dates (pitted), 1 tsp vanilla, 1/4 tsp salt. Roll them up into bite sized balls and enjoy!

Day 18 | Self Care Week | Wednesday Theme: Healthy Hump Day
Challenge: Treat Yourself To A Skin Brushing!
The buuzzzz you get after skin brushing is amazing! This ancient practice has been used to stimulate the lymphatic system, cleanse the skin and support detoxification. It is incredible for health and feels SO good. Check out MindBodyGreen’s tips on how to properly skin brush and follow us on Instagram as we show you how to do it!

Day 19 | Self Care Week | Thursday Theme: Throwback Thursday
Challenge: Ancient Mustard Seed Epsom Salt Bath Soak
This is on of the BEST things you can do for your body if you feel you’re catching a cold or flu. It’s amazing for your immune system any time of the year. Krystal has this blend on hand at all time in case she feels run down. To make this DIY blend, simply shake up 1/2 cup epsom salts with 1/4 cup mustard seed powder in a mason jar. Add any essential oils you like in your bath to the blend and shake up again. Poor the mix into a warm bath and soak for 20 minutes. Note: This blend has been known to temporarily increase body temperature to support the body to kill viruses and support the immune system.

Day 20 | Self Care Week | Friday Theme: Tea Time
Challenge: Give Yourself Some LOVE with Rose Tea
Curl up with rose petal tea and your favorite book today. You deserve it. Rose tea opens up the heart chakra and is very calming and soothing for the nervous system.

Day 21 | Self Care Week | Saturday Theme: Liver Lovin’
Challenge: It’s Time For A Coffee Enema
OK, so for those of you that haven’t tried coffee enemas yet you may be running from this screen. But I promise you, if you stick around and give it a try you will NOT regret it. Join Krystal on Instagram to learn more today … and check out her YouTube Video on enemas if you want to learn more now and collect the supplies you’ll need: Part One: and Part Two:

WEEK FOUR: Get Outside

Day 22 | Get Outside Week | Sunday Theme: Be Local
Challenge: Go For A Stroll in a Local Park
Do you know that walking through the forest for even 5 minutes can improve your mood and strengthen your immune system? Find a local park or forest area that you can take a 5 – 20 minute walk today. Take your time, breathe deeply and enjoy the simplicity of your surroundings.

Day 23 | Get Outside Week | Monday Theme: SuperFood Smoothie
Challenge: Take Yourself For A Smoothie Adventure
Where in your neighbourhood can you buy a smoothie? There are so many amazing cafes and shops offering healthy smoothies. Have you explored them all? Take yourself on a walk around your neighbourhood today. Peek into the shops and cafes and see if you can find a tasty new smoothie to treat yourself with.

Day 24 | Get Outside Week | Tuesday Theme: Snack Attack
Challenge: Picnic In The Park
We eat inside way too often (often under fluorescent lights). Today, your challenge is to take your mid-afternoon snack outside to eat. Can you find an area by flowers or trees to sit down? The water cooler is so overrated. So is eating at your desk. Allow yourself to enjoy the outdoors on your snack break today.

Day 25 | Get Outside Week | Wednesday Theme: Healthy Hump Day
Challenge: Stroll To Self-Love Treatment
You deserve the best. Today your challenge is to walk or ride your bike to a simple self love treatment. This could be a massage, or a trip to your favorite book store. Whatever it is, take some time outside and enjoy your ‘self-love date’ with yourself.

Day 26 | Get Outside Week | Thursday Theme: Throwback Thursday
Challenge: Garden Find Time
Previous generations understood the health benefits of gardening. The simple act of gardening itself is great for our mental and physical health! Today you are a gardener … for even just a minute. Can you stop by a community garden on your way home? Perhaps you can pick yourself some flowers on your way? Whatever you do, spend some time outside with plants and think about how they grow. Nature is incredible. ?

Day 27 | Get Outside Week | Friday Theme: Tea Time
Challenge: Tea & Gratitue Time
Today you choose the tea. What is your favorite? Make yourself a big cup and sit down for some gratitude goodness. You may want to bring a notebook and pen to this tea time. Ask yourself: What are 5 things I am grateful for today?

Day 28 | Get Outside Week | Saturday Theme: Liver Lovin’
Challenge: Yoga For Your Liver
Our favorite at-home yoga teacher has an amazing 30-minute yoga practice to support a healthy liver. Follow along from the comfort of your home here: 

Day 29 | Wrap Up Day One
Challenge: Meditation with Essential Oils
Congratulation on making it to day 29! Today and tomorrow we will be focusing on practices to help you integrate the changes you’ve made so you can continue these health habits long after completion of this challenge. For today, we ask that you pick your favorite essential oil and use it in a meditation practice (Krystal loves to meditate with Frankincense oil). Find a quiet, comfortable space to sit down. Set the alarm on your phone for 7 minutes. Before going into your meditation, put 1-2 drops of the essential oil into your palm, rub it between your hands, cup your hands over your face and breathe deeply. Now focus on your breathe and just relax into your 7 minute meditation.

Day 29 | Wrap Up Day Two
Challenge: Create Intentions For The Next 30 Days
You did it! Hopefully you’ve learned amazing new tips to support your mental, physical and emotional health. Now how can you sustain these changes moving forward? We ask that you get a notepad and pen and answer the following 3 questions: (1) What choices will I make ongoing to support my health? (2) What’s my WHY? What are my reasons for wanting to make these changes? (3) What are you the most proud of yourself for doing during this challenge?

Thank you for joining our team for the 30 Days Of Healthy Habits Challenge! Questions? Email us at [email protected] or reach out on Instagram and/or Facebook. And remember to share your posts with the hashtag #RefreshIn30 ?