Beginning of last year I was in complete misery. My insides were a reflection of what you laid eyes on and what I felt. Ugliness, pain and desperation relentlessly hammered down on me for months on end.

Yet what appeared to be hideous retaliation and revenge from my body was in fact self-love. My body continued to LOVE me by purging what it could… warning me that there would be more to come and it would come in forms worse than just the terrible, itchy, oozing rash, searing aches and pains I was experiencing … I knew I had to act now.

Here is a picture of my arms before:

eczema cure

I knew that the rashes on my arms and body were just an indication of what was going on inside my body …

As I urgently sought help within the medical world, I surprisingly came face to face with more challenges than I already had to deal with.

I sat in the examination room with my sleeves and shirt pulled up. I was determined to put end to my ‘Walking Dead Arm’ that was slowly turning into a body suit. The Doctor grimaced at me like I was a leper and quickly scribbled down some poisons on the prescription pad, handed it to me and waited for me to leave. However, I did not blindly accept and go on my merry way. I had questions and I wanted answers. What could have caused this and why? How do I get rid of it?

Finally the doctor said, “You’ll just have to live with it”. LIVE with my Walking Dead Arm? NOOOO! That sparked a fire inside of me and I became determined to figure this out for myself.

I should still be angry at that “Doctor”, but in hindsight I’m extremely grateful for those hopeless words … as on that day… the revolution began!

How could this person, a person who has pledged the Hippocratic Oath, tell me that I would have to live a mediocre, hideous and torturous life dependent on synthetic chemicals that would cause terrible side effects? I was determined to confront myself and find pathways to learn what I was doing wrong so that I could correct it.

Although I was already following a “vegan” diet, it was not a whole food plant based diet. Sure I was nourishing with some whole foods… but I was also consuming factory garbage, eating too much, eating too little, hibernating like a bear, sleeping every few days, hoovering my food or pecking like a hen, working out a lot, or not at all. I knew I needed some direction …

The Refresh Natural Health 14 Day Cleanse Changed My Life

This 14 Day detox gave me newfound knowledge, determination and motivation to learn, make mistakes, and overcome. It helped me understand how my liver works and why my skin was a direct reflection of the health of the liver.

I made a conscious decision to learn, understand and listen to my body. Taking a stand with myself instead of against myself by properly nourishing and cherishing my body from the core outward. I even stepped WAY out of my comfort zone to deeply cleanse myself with colonics.

What I ultimately learned on this journey was: Know Thyself. Not just with what you eat, but all aspects of life: mind, body and soul.

To fearlessly confront yourself, overcome fears, create boundaries that signify self-respect and to conquer the unknown as much as the issues at hand is to Know Thyself.

To be mindful and grateful of what you have instead of what you don’t or what you wish you could have is an awakening that is emanating. As these powerful lessons helped cultivate and create my new self… shedding new skin… issues both inside and out erased with time, hidden worlds of new possibilities emerged and continue to do so.

Listen to your body, mind and soul, know thyself and you will become richer than you ever thought was possible.

I would be more than happy to answer any questions about my experience and healing journey. Please leave your questions in the comments below!

My Before & After Pictures:

Before & After The Detox

Happy Healing Everyone!

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Sheau-Ling Houang