Improve Your Thyroid Health With Selenium! (This Homemade Vegan Nut-Milk Provides One Of The Richest Dietary Sources Of This Important Mineral)

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Deficient Selenium levels in your body may be the reason your experiencing thyroid issues! A healthy thyroid is essential for the maintenance of overall health. Thyroid disorders such as hypothyroidism, more specifically Hashimoto's, are becoming increasingly common. Efficient thyroid function, including hormone synthesis and metabolism, protection of the thyroid gland, and immune efficacy are all

Ancient Chia Energy Drink For Increased Endurance, Stamina & Hydration

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The Tarahumara is a Mexican tribe of superathletes.  Tarahumara literally translates to "those who run fast".  For generations, they have run up to 200 miles in 48 hours to move between Mexican settlements.  Their secret?  Eat chia.  Lots of chia.  They rely on a simple chia-infused beverage called 'Iskaite' to provide endurance, stamina and hydration for