Unfortunately not …

“But i’ve gone to school and racked up a bunch of school debt … now what!?!”

This is a question I hear a lot of my nutritionist friends ask … We have the education … but how do we make money with it?

One year ago I was seeking fulfillment. I wanted a designation behind my name that told people I had a purpose and a passion. Here I am today, Katie Israelson, certified nutritional practitioner. I love talking about food, lifestyle, supplementation, stress, hormones, etc. etc…

But … I am a 30 year old holistic nutritionist, no longer making $30/hr. More often than not, I am a 30 year old certified nutritional practitioner, making zero dollars/hr! This is not the perfect outcome I had imagined.

I spent the last year of my 20’s in school (IHN Vancouver) surrounded by beautiful and accepting human beings with similar interests. Young and old, it was soulmate central! They helped feed my quest for knowledge and keep me afloat during the days I felt so overwhelmed by work and studying that I thought my brain might implode… or explode… or some kind of plode!

They resisted the temptation to roll their eyes while I hungrily asked a million questions during each class and shared strong opinions…on just about everything (I have a bad case of “foot in mouth” disease). They looked on lovingly as I slowly broke down my walls and accepted myself as a wonderfully flawed human being. They walked with me, and I walked with them. It was a beautiful process. We grew deep roots in our safe little IHN community garden and drank heavily from the alkaline waters the fed us.

Now that I’ve completed my schooling I “shop talk” with friends and family all the time. I share my opinion when asked. I love to cook for friends and family if they are hungry. I Instagram pictures of my colorful lunches. I write inspirational blogs about nerdy yet enlightening bits of nutritional factoids or personal pieces about unique life experiences like colon hydrotherapy. But rarely do I make money doing these things that I love, and it’s beginning to feel very counter-productive.

These things take energy out of me. Just like your job takes energy out of you to perform. So, instead of play the victim I decided to write down a list of all the things in life that I desire. My list looked something like this:

• I want more than 12 likes on my Instagram photos (500 likes and I would be over the moon)

• I want to make enough money to treat my friends and family to coffee following our Monday morning yoga studio (because I can afford a monthly membership) without wondering if my card will be declined

• I want to be asked to write an article in Alive magazine about food and nutrition.

• I want to pay off my student loans and go on vacation!

• I want to inspire hundreds of people at once!

All of my desires are focused around making money and making my presence as an up and coming food enthusiast known to the masses. However, unlike Liam Neison, I lack the particular set of skills needed to produce this desired outcome…

I realized that the thing holding me back from being a successful, vivacious, money making entrepreneur was my lack of knowledge in the business side of my degree.

I had spent an entire year being taught all about the science behind nutrition and wellness and almost nothing about how to make money after I got out of school.

I realized I have no idea how to build a website (the cornerstone of my future business). I have no clue how to generate a sales funnel that will actually attract paying customers. I am clueless about building free webinars and creating a consistent presence on social media that builds trust amongst my followers.

Above all, I don’t even know how to properly conduct a one-on-one consultation!

How could I confidently walk into this world of health and wellness feeling so unconfident with the future bread and butter of my business?

But as some of you know, I am one to speak my mind, and thus I used my voice to align with some great and influential people that helped to fill in these gaps. Together, we have generated a course that teaches others like us how become successful, money making, holistic health coaching machines in one weekend!

On October 23-25 my friends Krystal Vrba (Refresh Natural Health) and Caleb Jennings (YoungandRaw.com) will be hosting a hands on course called the Holistic Business Blueprint.

In this 3 day intensive course participants will be creating a website, learning how to attract paying clients (“make money money, make money money monay”), practicing mock one-on-one consultations, and learning the ins and outs of running a business from people who have generated millions of dollars doing it themselves. What sets it apart is that you walk away more than just inspired, you walk away with a tangible product that can start generating you income right out the gate.

The website (www.yourholisticbusiness.ca) is up and registration is now open. Only 20 participants will be accepted into the weekend intensive program so I’d check it out now!.

The only person holding you back is you. Ask any successful business man or woman and they will agree when I tell you that sometimes you need to spend money to make money. Getting an education for under $10, 000 doing something that lights you up is rare. I’m doing so I can show myself  that I made the right decision going into this program. I’m not allowing myself to fall victim to the holes in my education. I strongly suggest you do the same and sign up today!


And don’t forget to sign up for their FREE webinar on Wednesday, Oct 7th: webinar.yourholisticbusiness.ca

Katie Israelson

Certified Nutritional Practitioner at Refresh Natural Health
I like to bring an organic and honest yet humorous approach to my counselling and writing. I believe in the importance of nourishing the soul and body, and hope to provide support for those open to my quirky yet insightful anecdotes. By embracing my own challenges with food sensitivities, hormone balancing, and weight management (believe me, this is an ongoing battle) I hope to connect with my readers on a personal level.

As a newbie blogger, I am here to let you know we are not alone in our struggles, challenges or successes. Everyone has a story. Regardless of setbacks we are powerful human beings, capable of achieving greatness. So may we rise up, and walk this road together.
Katie Israelson