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School can be tough, but lunch doesn't have to be.

Start the year stress free with over 25 healthy recipes you and your kids will love.

Book Preview

Staying healthy and happy throughout the school year has never been so easy


Over 25 Kid-Friendly Healthy Recipes

You'll love them because they're simple. Your kids will love them because they're delicious. All recipes are 100% dairy-free, gluten-free, peanut-free & vegetarian friendly.


Easy-To-Follow Step By Step Guide

Finding time to cook at home can be hard. With our easy-to-follow guide, you'll be feeding your family gourmet meals in the same time it takes to get take-out food!


Get Your Finger Out Of The Batter!

Not the case in our e-book. Our guide has tips to get your whole family involved in the kitchen. The kitchen is a great place to laugh and create together.

All recipes are Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Peanut-Free and Vegetarian Friendly.


About The Authors

Krystal Vrba & Katie Israelson

Katie, Krystal and the team at Refresh Natural Health are committed to supporting happy and healthy families. Our knowledge in nutrition drives our passionate approach to cooking.

We love supporting families to make positive changes in the kitchen with our e-books, meal plans, online services and in-house coaching. Cooking in the kitchen should be fun! Let us help you bring the laughter back into the kitchen with our simple 'full face in the mixing bowl' style recipes. Why not? You deserve it.


Krystal Vrba


Katie Israelson

Questions? Check out our FAQ

Being proactive people ourselves, we understand how precious time can be! That is why we've designed these recipes to be as quick to make as possible. We want you to be able to enjoy time with your kids, helping with their homework, talking them to sports games, reading, having movie nights ... all those wonderful moments are cherished! This program will help you keep your family eating healthy home-cooked meals while still having time to enjoy these moments together.
You will need regular cooking pans (preferably not a non-stick), baking pans as well as a blender. It is also highly recommended that you have a food processor for a couple of the recipes, but it isn't necessary.
Yes! We understand how challenging it is to make food that your kids love while still feeding them healthy, real food. We've included tips and tricks to get your kids to eat all the healthy green things you want them too ... with a big smile on their face. Who doesn't love food like tater tots? These recipes (including our tater tots) are packed with nutrients .. including broccoli and are all gluten-free!
Yes, absolutely! We've avoided using all the common allergens (like dairy, gluten, sugar, corn, peanuts, etc) in our recipes to make them easily enjoyed by all! However, if your child is allergic to something in the recipes we've offered many substitution suggestions. You can always email us too to find out some variations to suit your child's needs.
Absolutely! We've designed every recipe to feed the child within. They are recipes from our vault of healthy 'comfort foods'. Even as adults we crave those fun 'lunchbox' recipes from our past. So why not indulge in the healthy versions of these foods we're making available to you? Trust me, your inner child is going to love it.
No. This recipe eBook is 100% digital. Once you complete your purchase you will receive an email with access to a private area where you can access the full eBoook and view it on your computer, iPad, iPhone or other electronic device.