About Michelle Cloutier

I am crazy passionate about empowering and educating others to take responsibility of their health, as I have seen such incredible transformation and believe everyone has the ability to be healthy and happy. My focus is on the education of healthy eating of high quality living foods and products that nourish and supports our body's ability to detoxify and heal. I incorporating digestive health, mind-body connection and lifestyle choices in order to enhance our overall quality of life. I am a Whole Food Nutrition & Lifestyle Educator, an Hippocrates Health Educator, and a Certified Raw Food Chef.

My Ultimate Feel Amazing Salad!

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This is my favorite salad. It is super quick & easy to assemble, and you can change it up by simply adding an ingredient or two. It’s delicious and it always makes me feel Amazing! I call it my ‘go-to’ salad when I’m craving something good, feeling low or simply in a hurry. Every time